Reiki is pronounced “Ray-Key”
“Rei” means “universal” and refers to the spiritual dimension and the soul.
“Ki” means the vital life force which flows through all that is alive. 
Reiki energy is whole not dual - it is, therefore, neither positive or negative, per se, 
but rather is the combination of these qualities. 

Reiki is not a religion

It holds no doctrines, creeds, or contradictions to the Laws of Consciousness and Love. 
No matter where the person may be at a certain point in their life, Reiki will harmonize 
and embrace their philosophical center point, adding to it the Divine Presence. 

Reiki healing is a pure energy form 

It brings universal energy to the receiver so that they can promote their own healing process. 
Reiki balances the energy flow and the posture, putting the body in a better state from which 
to heal itself.

A Reiki treatment can be a very calming experience for anyone

giving the receiver's Chakras the vital life force energy; assisting them to work together to prepare 
their whole self spiritually, mentally and emotionally and physically for the next phase of their 
life journey.

It is not unusual to feel warmth, tingling, and or muscle contraction during a Reiki treatment. 
This could be your body reacting to the Reiki energy and aligning itself.

It is very common to have a delayed reaction to a Reiki treatment. 
This is your body processing the energy you received and is perfectly normal. 

Remember the Reiki energy will always will go and be used by the receiver for 
the greatest and highest good mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.  

 Reiki is proven to assist:

- help take the edge off of stress and allow for a clearer frame of mind  

- help patients with pain, improve sleep and reduce anxiety, allowing the patient to feel 
more at peace. 

- assist those depressed / stressed from their job, career, personal life, grieving for a lost 
friend, lost love one, 
         or anything important to you such as your career, ability to perform some talent, task, 

- those undergoing cancer treatment experienced improve moods, reduced stress, improved 
well being, 
improved relaxation, and it was helpful in: pain relief, sleep quality, & reduced anxiety shown 
in case studies

- chronically ill patients experienced reduce pain, depression and anxiety shown in case 

- Alzheimer’s patients experienced improved memory and lessoned depression shown in 
case studies

Reiki stimulates the Relaxation Response 
(a stress reducer)

  It decreases pain and discomfort.

Healing doesn't always mean a cure 

Some view healing as becoming whole or returning to perfect health.  
Some believe the perfect state of health is when we transition and we become whole.  

Each cell of our body contains the complete blueprint for constructing the entire body. 
In fact, all of the cells in our bodies 
(except those in the central nervous system) are replaced at least every seven years. 
Some authorities now believe that all 
elements are replaced every nine months, and many cells are replaced much more quickly 
than that - cells of the intestinal tract live only 36 hours. Nothing is beyond the power of the body’s own healing process.  

Reiki balances the energy flow and the posture, putting the body in a better state from which 
to heal itself.

Reiki is not a cure for severe illness or disease 

Reiki’s part in healing can be defined as:
It assists the receiver’s chakras (see our Chakra page) to align in friendly relations with 
each other so that they can work together 
in harmony with each other to heal one’s mind, body, soul and spirit to the highest and 
greatest good of the whole.

A Reiki Therapist cannot always direct the energy but it will always go and be used by the receiver 
for the greatest and highest good mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.  

Our Reiki treatments can be performed 
on a standard massage table, massage chair,​ hospital bed, lounger, 
or wherever the receiver is more comfortable and can relax. 
Receivers should not wear Bulky clothing so they may experience the Reiki 
Energy as it passes from the Reiki Practioner's hands to them.
Our Reiki sessons are 60, 90, or 120 minutes in length.
The Reiki Practioner works both hands on and off during the session.
The Reiki Practioner does not touch any personal areas of the receiver. 
Most people experience a sense of calm and relaxation during a session 
while some have spoken of seeing colors, daydreaming of pleasant places in their 
mind’s eye, and many have fallen asleep during the Reiki session. 
Most of our clients comment on being pain free during their Reiki Energy Session.
Yes it is a very pleasant, peaceful experience for all.  

Reiki is an alternative approach to holistic health care 

It is fast becoming the most popular and requested type of Hands-on-healing treatment 
in the world. 

A Reiki treatment can be a very calming experience for anyone, giving the receiver's 
Chakras the vital life force energy; assisting them to work together to prepare their whole 
self spiritually, mentally and emotionally and physically 
for the next phase of their life journey.

Hospice, Caregivers, Family and Friends of the ill Patient:

- Reiki helps to give peace to people at the end of life care. ​

- When we have the opportunity to become “in a peaceful state” before we pass, 
it makes the journey much more gentle.

- It helps ease some of the anxiety that they might be experiencing 
as they are making changes for their journey from this life to the next.

- In the case of the terminally ill or those grieving over a lost friend or loved one, 
the greatest good might be their acceptance of what is to be.

We can provide Reiki treatments for hospice patients and caregivers during this 
stressful time 
in the comfort of their *home, *assisted living facility, *hospice care center or our 
(*see travel fee listed under Reiki Sessions above, payment is due at time of service) 

It is important to drink lots of water after a Reiki treatment.  
A lot of energy will have run through your system during a Reiki treatment 
and your body will need to hydrate and flush itself of any toxins that it needs to shed.  

After your Holistic Energy Healing Reiki treatment, we will discuss what you have 
experienced in your session.... and....please tell your friends about it.
                        Skipper Skarpa / Holistic Energy Healer / Reiki Master Teacher 

On Your Way Energy Healing Reiki Master Teacher ​Explains Reiki
Let Your Journey Begin 
Our Holistic Reiki Energy Healer 
Will Assist You in Recharging Your 
Body Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually 
and Physically with Renewed Energy
Holistic Energy Healing Reiki Sessions Fees: 
60 Minute:$ 75.** 90 Minute: $ 110.* / 120 Minute:$140.* 
*Traveling Fee: No Charge if within 25 miles of our office for house or office calls. *Allow Up to 20 Minutes After Your Reiki Session for Review No Charge* 

Holistic Energy Healing Reiki Space Clearing: $175. Two Hour Space Clearing covers Most Normal Size Home or Office/ Business.

Space Clearing /Personal Energy Healing Session Combo: $225.
(Takes up to Three Hours) **No Traveling Fee 
charged unless more than 25 miles from my office. 
* Fees due at time of service. 
* Insurance billing / Invoice billing not available at this time. Available Monday Through Thursday and Saturday by Appointment: 1 pm to 5 pm
On Your Way Holistic Energy Healing               Clearing Out of Your
Negative Energy and Clearing/ Realigning of Your Chakras Can Leave 
You Relaxed and Full of Positive Energy For Your Life Journey Ahead
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Here’s to Your Holistic Energy Healing Reiki Experience, 
from On Your Way Holistic Energy Healing  
Skipper Skarpa ,Holistic Energy Healer, 
Reiki Master Teacher, Ordained Minister
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Harker Heights, Texas 76548
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 On Your Way Energy Healing 
Skipper Skarpa, Energy Healer, Reiki Master Teacher Welcomes You
Like Sap Running Through a Tree Giving it Life, 
When the Yin and Yang (Chi) are Balanced, Our 
Living System Exhibits Physical Health; When They 
are Unbalanced, a Diseased State of Being Results. 
Hit Your Page Refresh & Watch the Sap Give the Tree Life.
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See How Relaxing Realigning & Energizing Your Chakras Can Make You Feel
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Client Comments
Posted January 29, 2013
My Reiki session. Let me try to explain the euphoric feeling that it produced. I felt warmth, calmness and a charge of good energy 
flowing through my entire body. A sense of walking on air no doubt 
as result of the negativity being lifted off of me. I am a believer 
that spirituality and meditation are great healers of the soul and 
body. Reiki connects and channels the two . You just have to be 
an open receptor to its energy. 
Sheila C.
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Skipper Skarpa, Reiki Master Teacher Energy Healer
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